Part time IT staff augmentation

Juggling tasks of different complexity within limited budget? Tired of finding new contractors every time a new issue pops up? Wish you had one reliable person to handle it all?

Choose Your Subscription Plan

240 hours

3 months

USD 4,800

120 hours

3 months

USD 2,400

60 hours

3 months

USD 1,500

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Challenges Part-time Staff Subscription Service Solves

Constant hunting for new developers

New task? Your past developer might be busy with another project, meaning you need to find someone new.


New developers need more time to learn your project than to implement the task, costing you more.

Bugs and glitches

Poor project knowledge can lead to unexpected bugs and glitches after the task is completed.

Hiring difficulties

Many developers do not want to work with unstable workloads, making it difficult to find qualified candidates.

Waste of talent

High-skilled senior developers may be assigned simple tasks that should cost less, resulting in inefficient resource allocation.

Advantages of the Service

Solve your matters

Simply create tasks without worrying about who will do them or how they will be done.

Quality guarantee

Trust the reliability of a company, not a freelancer.

No hidden costs

Know exactly how much you'll pay, with no hidden costs.

Variety of services

We offer a full range of services, including frontend, backend, and design.

Always on the lookout

No need to search for a new developer each time. Our team of experts is always available to help.

Ongoing support

Our dedicated manager will help you with any task description issues.

Curious about our reports?

Download a sample PDF now and see the BandaPixels standard for yourself!

Tech stack

Frontend Technologies
JavaScript Typescript HTML5 SCSS CSS3 ReactJS Angular 2+ NextJS Redux Bootstrap MomentJS Redux-toolkit Redux-saga Material-UI React-query Axios Angular Material
JavaScript Typescript ExpressJS NestJS NodeJS MomentJS Sequelize TypeORM AWS Client Scheduler Cron Job Prisma
MySQL MongoDB FireBase PostgreSQL SQlite3 Redis
Server Management
AWS Cloud Google Cloud
CI/CD Pipelines
CircleCI Gitlab CI Github Actions
Development Tools
Terraform Ansible Docker
Technologies & Platforms
GraphQL REST Websocket Figma Apollo Hasura
Project Management Tools
Jira Trello Redmine ClickUp Notion Gantt Chart


Bandapixels, LLC has delivered the platform before the deadline successfully. Their professional and skilled team has ensured the project's success. They have communicated and cooperated well in the workflow. They have maximized their team's productivity at affordable service fee. ”

Lukas Keller, CTO, IT Company Zurich, Switzerland

Bandapixels, LLC's project is now being used worldwide. The vendor was able to finish a high-quality product despite having to finish it within a rigid timeframe. They also quickly fixed issues that had risen during the project. Overall, the vendor exceeded the client's expectations.”

Ivan Lomakin, CMO, Afterlogic.Works Taganrog, Russia

The redesigned app received positive feedback from the client. Bandapixels, LLC led a collaborative process, working closely with the client to deliver the project on time. Their effective communication skills and quick turnaround time ensured a successful partnership.”

Marco Zander, Product Manager, Tax Management Company Munich, Germany

Let's work together to make your project a success