IT Staff Augmentation

Are you facing challenges in assembling a new team, need to kickstart development swiftly, or require specialized expertise for short-term projects without the hassle of permanent hires?

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Get a custom dedicated team

You need to build MVP or a full-fledged product from scratch. You are looking for a tech partner who will take care of design, development and maintenance and will act as your core product team.

Project Manager
UX/UI Designer
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer

Hire developers 

You already have a team of pros but you need to fil the gap in specialized skills “here and now” or want to ramp up your capacity with additional workforce.

Frontend Developer
Backend Developer
Frontend Developer
Backend Developer

Challenges IT Staff Augmentation Solves

Lack of Experience in Team Formation

Building a new team can be daunting. We bring in our expertise to curate the perfect team for your project.

Swift Project Kick-off

Time is important. Our agile approach helps you get started quickly.

Fluctuating Team Sizes

Scale your team up or down easily, based on the planned workload.

Fresh Perspective

Get new ideas from someone outside your team. This can bring in fresh perspectives and approaches.

Temporary Workload Surges

For short-term projects, hiring full-time employees doesn't make sense. Add to your team based on your project's requirements.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation Service from BandaPixels

Extensive Experience 

We have a proven track record and vast experience in building and collaborating with diverse teams.

Dynamic Team Scaling

Adapt your team size to fit the project requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Easy Contract Exit

If you need to pause the contract, we offer a convenient two-week notice period to accommodate your needs.

Access to Streamlined Processes

Benefit from our streamlined workflows for smooth project execution.

Cultural Alignment

Our team members share the Western mindset and culture, ensuring smooth collaboration and understanding throughout the project.

Maximized Output within Budget

Get more work done for the same budget with our cost-effective augmentation.

No Overhead Costs

Say goodbye to expenses related to team management, office space, and salary administration.

Top Priority on
Feature Delivery

We prioritize feature deployment, ensuring your project stays on track.


Plans and tasks can be adjusted on a weekly basis, ensuring alignment with your evolving project needs.

Transparent Communication and Reporting

Stay in the loop with clear, regular updates and comprehensive reporting.

Free Trial

Your fee will be $0 if you aren’t satisfied with the first 2 weeks of work.

How It Works

01 Project Understanding

We investigate your project, its tech needs, and team structure.

02 Tailored Teams

Leveraging diverse skill levels and cost brackets, we create an optimal team structure. You get handpicked candidates in week’s time.

03 Optional Shortlisting

If needed, we offer a shortlist of external candidates for your review.

04 Client-Led Interviews

Your choice: conduct interviews yourself or trust us.

05 Onboarding & Integration

Seamless onboarding of selected candidates into your team.

06 Unified Workflow

Our team smoothly join yours, ensuring a unified approach.

Ready to discuss your project?

Augment Your Existing Team

After understanding your requirements, we proceed to source the professionals you need

Project Manager

Team Lead

UX/UI Designer

Frontend Developer

Backend Developer

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Tech stack

Frontend Technologies
JavaScript Typescript HTML5 SCSS CSS3 ReactJS Angular 2+ NextJS Redux Bootstrap MomentJS Redux-toolkit Redux-saga Material-UI React-query Axios Angular Material
JavaScript Typescript ExpressJS NestJS NodeJS MomentJS Sequelize TypeORM AWS Client Scheduler Cron Job Prisma
MySQL MongoDB FireBase PostgreSQL SQlite3 Redis
Server Management
AWS Cloud Google Cloud
CI/CD Pipelines
CircleCI Gitlab CI Github Actions
Development Tools
Terraform Ansible Docker
Technologies & Platforms
GraphQL REST Websocket Figma Apollo Hasura
Project Management Tools
Jira Trello Redmine ClickUp Notion Gantt Chart


Bandapixels, LLC's project is now being used worldwide. The vendor was able to finish a high-quality product despite having to finish it within a rigid timeframe. They also quickly fixed issues that had risen during the project. Overall, the vendor exceeded the client's expectations.”

Ivan Lomakin, CMO, Afterlogic.Works Taganrog, Russia

To the client's delight, the final product was delivered on time and with the utmost quality. Bandapixels, LLC established a seamless process through clear and regular communication and prompt customer support. Also, their problem-solving skills, expertise, and flexibility were commendable.”

Anonymous, Founder, Online Literary Carousel New Baltimore, New York

Bandapixels, LLC’s team is highly communicative and technically skilled. They’re also fluent English speakers and develop quality work at a fair price. The client is happy with the collaboration and is looking forward to hiring more developers when needed.”

Anonymous, Founder, Development Company Amsterdam, Netherlands

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