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Your agile tech partner that helps you accelerate growth

Fuelling Success of our Clients for Almost a Decade

Software Development for Innovative IT Products and Business Process Digitalization

New IT services and processes make life easier and better, while also boosting the economy of the country they operate in. That is why we focus on helping startups and other companies create their own products and improve their businesses through optimization and digitalization of business processes.

By focusing on JavaScript, one of the most popular and versatile technologies, we've become true experts since 2014. This allows us to solve our clients and partners' tech challenges and save them both time (20-40%) and money (up to 35%).

Clients seek tech partners they can trust. With us, you can easily adjust team sizes for efficient task management based on complexity and budget changes. We're also adept at forming dedicated teams for long-term projects, ensuring knowledge accumulation. Give us a try, we handle these needs exceptionally well.

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Why You Can Trust Us


You'll have a reliable software partner by your side

User-Centric Approach


We focus on the users who will use the service.

Long-term Partnership that Aligns with Your Vision


We love diving deep into the project’s specifics, generating ideas, and testing hypotheses. With bandapixels, your project will get a reliable team who lives and breathes your product 24/7.

Transparent Processes


Regular communication and minimal bureaucracy are crucial for project success. We're focused on building a strong partnership with you.

Strategy Priority


You can be sure that the project development strategy is our priority.

JavaScript Specialization


We specialize in web services, with a strong focus on JavaScript. This singular focus allows us to deliver outstanding solutions.

Payment Based on Results


You pay after you see the results.

The Power of a Great Team


Sprint or marathon, a great team can tackle anything.

Our team


To the client's delight, the final product was delivered on time and with the utmost quality. Bandapixels, LLC established a seamless process through clear and regular communication and prompt customer support. Also, their problem-solving skills, expertise, and flexibility were commendable.”

Anonymous, Founder, Online Literary Carousel New Baltimore, New York

Thanks to Bandapixels, LLC, the team has made several brilliant solutions for the company’s end clients. They are well blended into the company, working at home like in-house developers. Overall, their notable expertise and sheer willingness make them a reliable and invaluable partner.”

Oleksandr Zaviriukha, Partnership Coordinator, JetSoftPro Lviv, Ukraine

The redesigned app received positive feedback from the client. Bandapixels, LLC led a collaborative process, working closely with the client to deliver the project on time. Their effective communication skills and quick turnaround time ensured a successful partnership.”

Marco Zander, Product Manager, Tax Management Company Munich, Germany