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Bandapixels, LLC has delivered the first version of the revamped platform, and the client has been pleased with the results. They've communicated through Discord and virtual meetings, showing demos every month and gathering feedback. Overall, the team's quality of work has been impressive.”

Anonymous, Project Leader, Data Collection Platform Los Angeles, California

Thanks to Bandapixels, LLC, the team has made several brilliant solutions for the company’s end clients. They are well blended into the company, working at home like in-house developers. Overall, their notable expertise and sheer willingness make them a reliable and invaluable partner.”

Oleksandr Zaviriukha, Partnership Coordinator, JetSoftPro Lviv, Ukraine

Bandapixels, LLC's project is now being used worldwide. The vendor was able to finish a high-quality product despite having to finish it within a rigid timeframe. They also quickly fixed issues that had risen during the project. Overall, the vendor exceeded the client's expectations.”

Ivan Lomakin, CMO, Afterlogic.Works Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

The produced designs have met the needs of the client, leading to a successful ongoing engagement. They provide a seamless workflow by holding weekly calls on Skype. The client has confidence in Bandapixels, LLC's capability to produce high-quality outcomes. ”

Anonymous, Founder & CEO, Renewable Energy Company Geel, Belgium

Bandapixels, LLC has delivered the platform before the deadline successfully. Their professional and skilled team has ensured the project's success. They have communicated and cooperated well in the workflow. They have maximized their team's productivity at affordable service fee. ”

Lukas Keller, CTO, IT Company Zurich, Switzerland

The client is pleased that they now have an optimal platform for testing. The Bandapixels, LLC team was professional. While the senior staff’s involvement made for an effective engagement, high costs and overestimations ultimately ended the partnership.”

Hari Palani, CEO, UNAR Labs Orono, Maine

Bandapixels, LLC works together with the client to come up with brilliant solutions for their needs. A reliable partner, the team uses their expertise in the field to provide results that are critical to the client's growth. The team is committed and always willing to help.”

Denis Maksymenko, CEO, UKAD Sheffield, United Kingdom

Bandapixels, LLC’s team is highly communicative and technically skilled. They’re also fluent English speakers and develop quality work at a fair price. The client is happy with the collaboration and is looking forward to hiring more developers when needed.”

Anonymous, Founder, Development Company Amsterdam, Netherlands

To the client's delight, the final product was delivered on time and with the utmost quality. Bandapixels, LLC established a seamless process through clear and regular communication and prompt customer support. Also, their problem-solving skills, expertise, and flexibility were commendable.”

Anonymous, Founder, Online Literary Carousel New Baltimore, New York

Thanks to Bandapixels, LLC, the product was used by more than 20 customers and uncovered hidden five-digit costs. The team effectively streamlined the workflow that ensured all deadlines were met. In the end, they impressively worked in a flexible, spontaneous, independent, and autonomous manner.”

Anonymous, Developer, IoT Solutions Company Munich, Germany

Bandapixels, LLC passed a high-quality platform with commended commitment. The vendor was able to develop a better experience on both front and backend pages in the platform. The client also appreciated their friendly, proactive, and imaginative communication style. ”

Carsten Neumann, CEO, AppNavi GmbH Munich, Germany

The redesigned app received positive feedback from the client. Bandapixels, LLC led a collaborative process, working closely with the client to deliver the project on time. Their effective communication skills and quick turnaround time ensured a successful partnership.”

Marco Zander, Product Manager, Tax Management Company Munich, Germany