Real Estate

Real Estate Tech Product Development

At BandaPixels, we specialize in developing innovative solutions for Real Estate projects. Our expertise lies in addressing the common challenges faced by the industry, providing seamless control over properties, and delivering comprehensive information to users.
Property management, property information provision, search optimization, invoice management, booking schedules – we've made every aspect smooth for our users.

Our Expertise

Being a Real Estate product development company we specialize in the following niches:

Hotel Management

Streamlined booking and payment management.

Digital Payments

Experience a user-friendly interface for seamless property search and selection.


Simplified invoice generation and tracking for your properties.


Optimized communication tools for efficient interactions.

Financial Assistants

Consolidate multiple property lists into one unified platform.

Tailored solutions to meet your unique requirements


  • Effortlessly generate and track invoices.
  • Build trust with clients by offering quality service and transparent processes.
  • Embrace digital transformation to modernize traditional real estate practices for the digital age.
  • Empower users with detailed, precise property data at their fingertips.
  • Integrate multiple databases into one cohesive system for unified property and client data management.
  • Swiftly share exclusive deals and special offers with your valued client base.

Our Real Estate Software Development Process

There are certain stages in the development of each product that ensure its high-quality implementation.

01 Discovery

We identify the core objectives of your service, set estimates, and establish project timelines.

02 Design

Creating an intuitive interface is paramount, so users can effortlessly navigate the service to complete their tasks.

03 Development

Our primary focus is to guarantee easy access to information and improve user interaction.

04 Testing & Improvements

Final checks and improvements based on real-time product interactions.

05 Soft Launch

Engage initial users and gather feedback for refinement.

06 Launch

Time to pop open a bottle of bubbly, as we unveil your grand product.


Bandapixels, LLC's project is now being used worldwide. The vendor was able to finish a high-quality product despite having to finish it within a rigid timeframe. They also quickly fixed issues that had risen during the project. Overall, the vendor exceeded the client's expectations.”

Ivan Lomakin, CMO, Afterlogic.Works Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

Thanks to Bandapixels, LLC, the product was used by more than 20 customers and uncovered hidden five-digit costs. The team effectively streamlined the workflow that ensured all deadlines were met. In the end, they impressively worked in a flexible, spontaneous, independent, and autonomous manner.”

Anonymous, Developer, IoT Solutions Company Munich, Germany

The redesigned app received positive feedback from the client. Bandapixels, LLC led a collaborative process, working closely with the client to deliver the project on time. Their effective communication skills and quick turnaround time ensured a successful partnership.”

Marco Zander, Product Manager, Tax Management Company Munich, Germany

Let's work together to make your project a success