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The Shed is a service where you can find everything you need - rent or lease the equipment and goods for any situation. Now you do not have to buy things that you need to use only once or for a short period of time, you can just rent them. Take advantage of The Shed and offer something for rent; things that lie idle and do not bring joy and profit with this rental service turn into a valuable acquisition. The storage warehouse is free to use and you can store everything available for rent not in your apartment, but in the company's warehouse. An owner can pick up their stuff at any time if the item is in stock.

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To sum up, The Shed provides several advantages - unnecessary things do not consume additional space, a passive acquisition turns into an active one, one can save money by not buying a necessary product for the full cost but by renting everything they need, doing it all on one resource without contacting each owner individually. Furthermore, if you care about the environment, renting is better than producing an endless amount of new goods. After all, many acquisitions do not go out of operation, they simply take up space in our garages. The consumer potential of the planet is unlimited, but new production only pollutes the environment.

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At all stages of the Sarai project, certain time intervals were determined, which amount to a total of - Total timeline.



The sharing service helps to solve several problems at the same time. The main task is to create a service with a quick product search, high-quality sorting and data ranking. The second task is to minimize the number of steps to the end point. To solve this problem, it was necessary to create a dashboard UI, optimizing all necessary functions. The design was based on the company logo and color palette, as well as client's mind map.

Rental and leasing platform
Shed Problematics
Easy leasing solution

The product was created from scratch, we had just the basics and the understanding of the functionality, provided by the client. New company - new service. The main task was to create a full-fledged product with a convenient infrastructure. High fidelity prototype was created based on the client’s mind map. As we went along, we improved user interaction processes by reducing the number of steps from search to the final goal (rental of the necessary product). The color scheme and logo provide by the client harmoniously fit into the product design and were approved as the brand colors of the company.

Shed Problematics
Shed Problematics


To create high-quality design, our team needed to solve several problems:

  • 01. Creating an account for 3 user types: owners (placing things in a warehouse and tracking rent); renters (saving necessary things, reading notes and tracking the regions with; the necessary stuff) warehouse (tracking the movement, arrival and status of things to register them on the site)
  • 03. Creating a search engine for users that takes into account search filters and optimizes the search process. The flow to the end goal (rent) should not take much time, the search page includes a search box and navigation in the categories specified by the client.
  • 02. Simplicity in uploading and placing goods on the site, as well as accounting for the status of the rent (confirmation of its arrival, condition, cost). The whole scenario of product verification should be clear to anyone who wants to use the application (targeting an average person who does not have the time and desire to dig into complex bureaucracy)
  • 04. Remote quality control: the application reads the QR code of the goods upon arrival of the order and uploads the video with the order printout, which confirms the integrity and serviceability of the delivered goods
Shed Problematics

different user Accounts

Shed Problematics

remote quality control

Shed Problematics

unique search engine

Shed Problematics

Clear product verification

Fast items listing for rent


01. The ability to satisfy all 3 user types in 100% of requests is not achievable in real conditions. In order to attract users to the site, we suggested satisfying all the requests of the renter’s account page. We managed to build the correct user interaction and keep them on the site, which in its turn contributed to the development of The shed service.

02. When developing user flow design of the application, important factors are understanding its functionality and building the flow for user actions. Correctly composed requirements, credits to the client’s team and our project team, helped to quickly agree on the list of details, think over and describe their functioning in the application.

03. Prototyping lays the foundation for a final application design. At this stage, the UX is being built, including the correct button layout and the functional of The shed application features. We suggested several options from which the client was able to choose the more convenient and clear one. Approval took several stages and required working on each option.

Shed Implementation

04. The application design and color solution were supposed to be as simple as possible, without additional load, which allowed The shed clients to focus on renting. Calm and muted tones of the panels do not draw attention and a user is focused on the product image and its search. The company logo was taken as the basis for application colors. We also designed and then developed the design of the SAAS system which facilitates the renting process for users. Due to the well-built logical chain and an easy-to-read interface, the product attracted more users.

05. The application was implemented for tablets and mobile phones. Thus, we were immediately ensured its accessibility anytime and anywhere. Applications for portable devices are now in great demand, which explains the client’s choice for the project implementation on mobile devices.

 Tracking leased items
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