Work with a long-term tech partner that will help you build an MVP to gain traction from early adopters and raise money from investors.

What is an MVP?

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is the simplest version of a product. It has just enough features to see if people like it and find it useful. It helps the team learn from real users without spending too much time and money on fancy extras.

MVP Objectives

Put your idea to the test with real users and show its potential to investors, all while keeping development costs low and within a fixed budget.

Who Needs It and Why?


to optimize local processes, with the potential for expansion


to validate the market and gather initial users

Did you know that 75% of venture-backed startups fail? Do the statistics above sound terrifying? An MVP will boost your chances of getting into the target of 25%. And we’re here to help you with that.

What does MVP Mean to Investors?

MVP helps to uncover several things:

  • Idea itself
  • How many users the product is attracting
  • Future product plans
  • Estimated costs
  • Expected outcomes
  • How well the project is managed
  • How good the tech team is at building the product code and architecture

Common MVP Development Challenges

Not Sure What to Include

Sometimes, it's hard to decide which features should be included to the MVP. This gets trickier when the requirements keep changing, especially if there's not much budget to work with.

Not Clear on Audience's Problem

It can be tough to figure out the exact problem the audience wants to solve. The desire to cover all possible issues can turn the project into a full-featured product, which goes beyond what an MVP is supposed to be.

Absence of a Backlog

A well-organized backlog helps plan things with clear timelines and budgeting. It also lays out the future plans for the product. With no clear plan, things can get messy in terms of both timelines and budget.

No Technical Specification

Without a clear technical plan, it's hard to estimate costs accurately. This can lead to budgets being bigger than expected.

Tight Timelines

Meaning the client has to spend more time working closely with the development team at the start.

Limited Budget

Only optimized processes within the development team and the client's willingness to spend time on a clear technical plan can help when the budget is tight.

Trouble Building the Right Team

If the team isn't put together carefully, they might struggle to finish tasks on time and within budget. Often, this only becomes clear halfway through the project.

Teamwork to win the game

In any game with teamwork, dividing up roles and responsibilities is the key to success. Let’s agree on what will be our part and what will be yours.

Our part

  • UX/UI Design
  • Advanced Tech Stack
  • Reliable Deployment & Delivery
  • Well-established Management
  • Excellent Quality


Your part

  • Fundraising
  • Networking
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Leadership

Our Approach

01 Understand the Strategy

This helps us choose the most effective process to complete the project according to the set criteria.

02 Define the Scope of Work

It’s important to know what problem the service will solve. This helps us estimate the overall cost and budget.

03 Outline Technical Specifications

Listing out the technical requirements helps us create an accurate budget and timeline, which can be formalized in a contract.

04 Plan Meetings and Updates

We schedule meetings and updates to keep our partners informed about the project’s progress and address any arising issues promptly.

05 Project Execution

We follow the plan we’ve agreed upon, providing regular reports.

06 Testing and Launching

We conduct a final check of all functions and launch the project on the server.

07 Ongoing Support

After the launch, we fix any unexpected errors that may come up.

Ready to discuss your project?

What We Need for Successful Project Implementation

Project Description

Scope of Work

Technical Specifications

Tech stack

Frontend Technologies
JavaScript Typescript HTML5 SCSS CSS3 ReactJS Angular 2+ NextJS Redux Bootstrap MomentJS Redux-toolkit Redux-saga Material-UI React-query Axios Angular Material
JavaScript Typescript ExpressJS NestJS NodeJS MomentJS Sequelize TypeORM AWS Client Scheduler Cron Job Prisma
MySQL MongoDB FireBase PostgreSQL SQlite3 Redis
Server Management
AWS Cloud Google Cloud
CI/CD Pipelines
CircleCI Gitlab CI Github Actions
Development Tools
Terraform Ansible Docker
Technologies & Platforms
GraphQL REST Websocket Figma Apollo Hasura
Project Management Tools
Jira Trello Redmine ClickUp Notion Gantt Chart


The redesigned app received positive feedback from the client. Bandapixels, LLC led a collaborative process, working closely with the client to deliver the project on time. Their effective communication skills and quick turnaround time ensured a successful partnership.”

Marco Zander, Product Manager, Tax Management Company Munich, Germany

Bandapixels, LLC has delivered the first version of the revamped platform, and the client has been pleased with the results. They've communicated through Discord and virtual meetings, showing demos every month and gathering feedback. Overall, the team's quality of work has been impressive.”

Anonymous, Project Leader, Data Collection Platform Los Angeles, California

Bandapixels, LLC works together with the client to come up with brilliant solutions for their needs. A reliable partner, the team uses their expertise in the field to provide results that are critical to the client's growth. The team is committed and always willing to help.”

Denis Maksymenko, CEO, UKAD Sheffield, United Kingdom

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