We are a Custom Software Development Company

We create products that solve problems, bring in investments, fit your budget, and meet your deadlines. We're all about clear processes and continuous communication

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Who Benefits from Our Services and Why

Startups for MVP Creation

We help you with everything from preparing requirements, creating budgets and schedules to setting a fixed budget for development. We also handle DevOps and ongoing maintenance.

Startups for Expanding Development Teams

We can easily adjust the team size based on your workload plans. You won't have to worry about team management costs, and collaboration can be terminated effortlessly.

SMBs for Process Digitization

We provide simplified processes, clear transparency, smart work planning, and you only pay for actual results.

Investors for Technical Due Diligence

We review your project's codebase, assess backlogs in terms of time and budget, and help speed up the progress of projects in your portfolio.

Why You Can Trust Us


You'll have a reliable software partner by your side

User-Centric Approach


We focus on the users who will use the service.

Long-term Partnership that Aligns with Your Vision


We love diving deep into the project’s specifics, generating ideas, and testing hypotheses. With BandaPixels, your project will get a reliable team who lives and breathes your product 24/7.

Transparent Processes


Regular communication and minimal bureaucracy are crucial for project success. We're focused on building a strong partnership with you.

Strategy Priority


You can be sure that the project development strategy is our priority.

JavaScript Specialization


We specialize in web services, with a strong focus on JavaScript. This singular focus allows us to deliver outstanding solutions.

Payment Based on Results


You pay after you see the results.

The Power of a Great Team


Sprint or marathon, a great team can tackle anything.

Teamwork to win the game

In any game with teamwork, dividing up roles and responsibilities is the key to success. Let’s agree on what will be our part and what will be yours.

Our part

  • UX/UI Design
  • Advanced Tech Stack
  • Reliable Deployment & Delivery
  • Well-established Management
  • Excellent Quality


Your part

  • Fundraising
  • Networking
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Leadership


Bandapixels, LLC's project is now being used worldwide. The vendor was able to finish a high-quality product despite having to finish it within a rigid timeframe. They also quickly fixed issues that had risen during the project. Overall, the vendor exceeded the client's expectations.”

Ivan Lomakin, CMO, Afterlogic.Works Taganrog, Russia

Bandapixels, LLC has delivered the platform before the deadline successfully. Their professional and skilled team has ensured the project's success. They have communicated and cooperated well in the workflow. They have maximized their team's productivity at affordable service fee. ”

Lukas Keller, CTO, IT Company Zurich, Switzerland

Thanks to Bandapixels, LLC, the product was used by more than 20 customers and uncovered hidden five-digit costs. The team effectively streamlined the workflow that ensured all deadlines were met. In the end, they impressively worked in a flexible, spontaneous, independent, and autonomous manner.”

Anonymous, Developer, IoT Solutions Company Munich, Germany



A vital area where students, teachers, administrators, and other stakeholders spend a lot of time on a regular basis. So, it's essential that these services are easy to use and learn from.


Every financial institution needs fast, secure, reliable, and user-friendly solutions. This includes secure authorization, payment planning, transaction processing, managing debit/savings accounts, and keeping track of transaction history.

Real Estate

It is something everyone comes across. It involves controlling properties, offering detailed info to users, handling searches, management, invoicing, maintaining records, and coordinating check-in/check-out schedules, among other tasks.


Taking care of our health is a normal part of everyday life. This includes having insurance, scheduling doctor's appointments, keeping track of medical history, and being able to communicate with doctors (chat/video). And, above all, the security of confidential data.


Many sellers want to reach over 2 billion buyers with a wide range of products. The service must be user-friendly, fast, trustworthy, with a history of buyer and seller activities, quick and reliable payment processing, and up-to-date information on product delivery.