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What Users Say


"I participated in the market testing for this product and had a chance to see what it does and how it will work. I think the product is going to be really great and will help me a lot when it comes out as I don't expect my case to resolve any time soon."

Rhonda B.


"I spoke with the team that is building the product. Finally, someone who gets what this is all about, and has the ability to offer a tool that can really help parents through the process an the distress."

Donna R., LMFT


"I shared my concern about data security with the developers. Having a team of world-class cyber security experts build the software from the ground up helped me feel better that my clients’ data will be safe in CaseKeepers."

Thomas R., LCSW


"I need to get a restraining order against my ex. Using CaseKeepers I will be able to show my lawyer and the court what he is doing. Just my saying what he is doing is not enough because he denies it."

Justine A.

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  • to optimize file saving process, so that hosting costs could be reduced

  • to secure data storage in compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which can assure evidence admissibility in court and clients’ confidentiality


The challenge of file saving optimization was solved with picture compression and audio/video conversion within reasinable bounds, so that a user doesn’t notice the compression.

To ensure secure data storage, the back-end architecture was designed in such way that undesirable people cannot have access to the data. Advanced authorization techniques were used in the development process.

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Website Structure

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Key Features

Quick and easy journaling

Users (both professionals and clients) can quickly and easily capture events in their journals using text or tags; add photos, videos, or audio; each entry is automatically stamped with date, time and location.
Save any item: SMS messages, emails, phone messages, photos, videos, documents, Facebook pages, and more.

Journal feature for professionals and clients

Secure messaging

Clients can safely share their evidence journal with the attorney to protect their rights in court, or message with their therapist or coach to support the progress in therapy.

Users control who has access to their journal and what they can see.

Messaging feature

Easy-to-use interface on all devices

Users can create journal entries on their cell phone or tablet; later edit them on their desktop.

Intuitive interface enables users to seamlessly move between devices and operating systems.

Application interface works on all devices

Advanced search and reporting


The easy-to-use advanced search feature enables them to retrieve relevant evidence from their client’s journal repository and quickly create reports.


They can view graphical displays of clients’ progress over time to boost their confidence.

Easy reporting for therapists and attorneys

Easy data exchange


Clients can collect, store and manage their valuable, relevant evidence, messages and emails; share it at any time. Specialists can access the repository at their convenience.


Clients track their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors over time; therapists can follow-up on their homework and journal entries through the repository.

Data exchange application for attorneys and therapists

Compliance to the highest standarts


CaseKeepers maintains the chain of custody for all client evidence to assure admissibility in court.


CaseKeepers is fully HIPAA compliant to protect client confidentiality.

Easy client story tracking for attorneys and therapists

Project Timeline

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Technical Expertise

React, Next.js, Redux, Websocket, SocketIO, Express, Node.js, Typescript, PostgreSQL, Eslint

Technical skill react Technical skill next Technical skill redux Technical skill websockets Technical skill socketio Technical skill postgresql Technical skill eslint Technical skill nodejs Technical skill express Technical skill typescript
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