About project

Today’s healthcare organizations face complex challenges. Connecting patients and providers shouldn’t be one of them.

TeleHealth is a solution that allows healthcare providers to extend the reach of their practice by providing secure, easy-to-join telehealth visits for patients from any device or location.

Roughly 30% of patient-doctor interactions take place online. Medical services provided by TeleHealth make it possible to adapt to the changing environment and give the patients the care they need and when they need it.

12 months duration
14 technologies
5 specialists
Germany geography

Main goals of the project

  • The primary goal of a TeleHealth project was to simplify video communication between a doctor and a patient across borders, businesses and platforms, enabling everyone to be seen, heard and included. Our team aimed at making virtual meetings better than meetings in person.

Challenges and solutions

Payment system
  • Payment system “Stripe” has been successfully integrated. Different payment dashboards, graphics and logic solutions have been developed.
  • Admin panel set up, which required logic to control & redirect financial streams
Video service integration

We have designed and integrated chat/video consultation with the help of which a patient will be able to buy a 30 min/1hr chat or video session. Sessions can be purchased in packages.

Super comfy and user-friendly interface

We have installed an AI Chatbot capable of delivering personalized info tailored to a patient’s queries and needs. The chatbot is programmed to handle multiple language options for a wider user base.


Admin interface
Carries out finance monitoring and distribution of financial flows from patients to doctors.
Doctor interface
Allows doctors to load documents, medical license & qualification, get authorized in the system and be able to write prescriptions.
Patient interface
Allows registration, filling in details about health conditions and allergies, ID validation, attachment of medical records file and communication with the doctor. The authorization is linked to social media accounts, SMS or email to ease the process.
Personal information
Provides forms to fill in personal details and attach medical records.
Documents upload
The ability to attach files with important personal information or analyses.
Notifications option
SMS and email notification of both parties.
Online recommendations
Allows doctors to provide PDF prescriptions, test results with recommendations.
Shortened waiting time
The functionality that allocates the nearest doctor to a patient with the shortest waiting time.

Features that make this project unique

Video streaming

Secure, easy-to-join video streaming removes geographical barriers and limitations for patients with mobility issues. Users can receive timely, high-quality consultations without the hassle of in-person visits.

Client medical history storage

Secure, centralized storage system keeps all vital patient’s health information readily accessible to healthcare providers. This facilitates informed decision-making, personalized care plans, and improved continuity of care, leading to better patient outcomes and safety.

Data safety

Robust security measures ensure patient’s medical information remains confidential, complying with all relevant regulations.


Reviews make it easier for patients to find the right healthcare providers for their needs.

Social network

Platform allows for optional integration with popular social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

ERP system

Integrated ERP system empowers healthcare organizations with real-time data and analytics. This translates to optimized resource allocation, reduced administrative burden, and a focus on delivering quality patient care efficiently.

Payment systems

The platform integrates secure payment systems, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience for both patients and providers.

Tech stack

Frontend Technologies
React Redux Redux-saga
Node JS Express Passport JS Amazon S3 NgInx Typescript JavaScript Mocha Chai Jest
Project Management Tools
Redmine Gantt Chart

Optional features that can be added to similar project types


makes it possible for a patient to schedule an appointment with a doctor in a convenient way for both parties.

Care management

medication reminders, appointment scheduling, and remote monitoring tools help patients manage conditions more effectively and achieve better outcomes.

Social network

allows adding social posts to the web service.


allows gathering real-time health data from wearable devices and sensors. This can provide valuable insights into a patient’s health status, allowing for proactive care and early intervention.


a web analytics service that tracks and reports the traffic.


convenient purchase of health products within the platform

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