About project

The web platform supplies the patients qualifying for medical cannabis treatment with the connection to licensed medical practitioners. The service improves the patients’ overall quality of life and has a positive impact on the emotional, behavioral and psychological state of the nation.

12 months duration
11 technologies
6 specialists
US geography

Main goals of the project

  • Make the legal sale of marijuana for medical purposes easier, faster and more transparent.
  • Assist the patients in finding the licensed doctors.
  • Support the person’s choice for treatment with medical cannabis.

Challenges and solutions

Doctor interface

To make it easy for doctors to join and use the platform we designed a user-friendly doctor interface.

Doctors can easily get authorized, upload documents, and have their licenses and qualifications validated through The interface also allows them to securely issue prescriptions to patients within the platform. This streamlines the process for doctors and fosters better communication with patients.

Patient Registration

The challenge was to balance patient privacy with verification needs.

We implemented flexible verification options including ID validation, medical records upload, and secure login linked to social media accounts, SMS, or email. This ensures patient identity while respecting privacy.

Admin Interface

To monitor the platform and ensure everything runs smoothly we developed a robust admin interface. This allows administrators to oversee user management, analyze financial flows, and maintain system security.

Doctor’s Verification

To make sure only licensed doctors are on the platform we partnered with (a trusted service that automatically checks doctor licenses and qualifications). This keeps the platform secure and ensures patients see qualified professionals.

Virtual consultation

To let patients see doctors without traveling long distances we built a virtual consultation feature directly into the platform.

Now, patients can schedule and hold secure video appointments with doctors from the comfort of their homes.

Payment System

Finding a payment processor that works with medical cannabis was tricky.

While Stripe wasn’t a fit, we successfully integrated Square, another reputable payment system. This ensures safe and transparent transactions for both patients and doctors.


Forms to fill in personal details
Fill out forms with basic details (name, age, gender and contact info) medical history, allergies, medications, and insurance info. This helps personalize your care while keeping your data confidential and secure.
Documents upload
Upload medical records for comprehensive care. Share them easily with authorized providers. Robust encryption keeps your information safe and compliant with healthcare regulations.
SMS and email notification for both parties
Get reminders, medication alerts, lab results, and other updates via SMS or email. Patients and providers can both send and receive important health information directly.
Unique PDF document for each state (USA)
Generate state-specific PDFs for medicinal cannabis authorization. These documents ensure compliance with local regulations by including all necessary patient information, doctor recommendations, dosage details, and any additional state-mandated documentation.
Promo code invitation option
Invite friends and family with promo codes. This feature encourages user engagement, loyalty, and app growth, ultimately benefiting everyone.
Virtual appointments
Get the care you need from the comfort of your home. Receive medical advice, diagnosis, prescriptions, and follow-up care through secure video conferencing. Virtual appointments save time and reduce exposure to illness, making healthcare more accessible for everyone, especially those with limited mobility, busy schedules, or living in remote areas.

Features that make this project unique

Unified platform for doctors and patients
  • Doctors can access patient information, schedule appointments, prescribe medication, and view lab results, all within the secure app environment.
  • Patients can view their medical history, appointments, prescriptions, and billing information, fostering a sense of ownership over their health journey.
Daily database backups

The platform performs secure, daily backups of the entire database. This ensures your information is always protected, even in the event of unexpected circumstances.

Square payment system

Our integration with the Square payment system allows for secure and convenient in-app payments. Plus, the transparent payment policy with clear return options in case of appointment cancellations provides peace of mind for both patients and providers.

Autofill details from the last visit

The autofill feature remembers details from your last visit, automatically populating information about personal details, medical history, medications, allergies, and more. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

Tech stack

Frontend Technologies
Node JS Express PostgreSQL Passport JS Docker Amazon S3 Typescript JavaScript Square
Project Management Tools
Redmine ClickUp Gantt Chart

Optional features that can be added to similar project types


Gain data-driven insights to optimize services and resource allocation.

ERP system

Manage finances, inventory, and HR in one central platform (for larger organizations).


Strengthen patient relationships with personalized communication and targeted campaigns.


Offer convenient purchase of health products directly in the app.


Simplify claims for patients and providers with automatic verification.

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