Off-the-shelf software is like a pair of hand-me-down shoes: it might sort of fit, but it's never quite right. If you feel held back by generic solutions, chances are we can help.


Why Custom

Process Automation and Efficiency

Automating repetitive tasks, improving data management, and streamlining processes enhance operational efficiency

Personalization of Features

Businesses can choose features crucial for their operations, ensuring a perfect fit for their needs

Integration Capabilities

Custom software seamlessly integrates with existing systems, enhancing functionality and user experience

User Experience and Ownership

Custom software offers an intuitive interface tailored to user needs, providing a sense of ownership and control over the tools

Solutions, Not Buzzwords:


We don't care about the latest tech trends. We care about solving your real-world problems for:

Businesses Feeling the Growing Pains:


You've outgrown your DIY solutions. We help you scale without sacrificing efficiency or control

Long-term Partnership that Aligns with Your Vision:


We love diving deep into the project’s specifics, generating ideas, and testing hypotheses. With BandaPixels, your project will get a reliable team who lives and breathes your product 24/7

Overwhelmed Business Owners:


You're wearing too many hats. We handle the tech so you can focus on running your business

Strategy Priority:


You can be sure that the project development strategy is our priority

Teams Stuck in Inefficient Processes:


Spreadsheets and manual workarounds are slowing you down. We streamline your workflows and automate the tedious stuff

Leaders Seeking Data-Driven Decisions:


You need more than gut feelings. We give you clear, actionable insights into your operations

The Power of a Great Team:


Sprint or marathon, a great team can tackle anything


Bandapixels, LLC's project is now being used worldwide. The vendor was able to finish a high-quality product despite having to finish it within a rigid timeframe. They also quickly fixed issues that had risen during the project. Overall, the vendor exceeded the client's expectations.”

Ivan Lomakin, CMO, Afterlogic.Works Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

Bandapixels, LLC has delivered the platform before the deadline successfully. Their professional and skilled team has ensured the project's success. They have communicated and cooperated well in the workflow. They have maximized their team's productivity at affordable service fee. ”

Lukas Keller, CTO, IT Company Zurich, Switzerland

Thanks to Bandapixels, LLC, the product was used by more than 20 customers and uncovered hidden five-digit costs. The team effectively streamlined the workflow that ensured all deadlines were met. In the end, they impressively worked in a flexible, spontaneous, independent, and autonomous manner.”

Anonymous, Developer, IoT Solutions Company Munich, Germany



Intuitive platforms for students, teachers, and administrators. Streamlined course management and remote learning tools. Interactive learning experiences that boost engagement.


Secure, reliable software that prioritizes trust and compliance. Fast, user-friendly solutions for banking and financial planning. Robust authorization, transaction processing, and account management tools.

Field Service Management

Streamlined scheduling, dispatching, and real-time communication for field teams. Optimized routing and inventory management for maximum efficiency. Improved customer communication and satisfaction.


Custom software solutions for production line management and optimization. Integration with existing systems for seamless data flow and automation. Data-driven insights to improve productivity and reduce downtime.


Intelligent automation solutions to streamline repetitive tasks and workflows. Increased efficiency and reduced errors through robotic process automation (RPA). Scalable automation solutions that adapt to your business needs.


Patient-centric solutions that prioritize privacy and data security. Streamlined appointment scheduling and telemedicine platforms. Efficient electronic health record (EHR) systems and communication tools.


User-friendly, visually appealing online stores that drive sales. Scalable and secure platforms for businesses of all sizes. Seamless online shopping experiences that foster customer loyalty.