JavaScript is one of the Most Popular Programming Languages. Development speed is a major advantage.

9 June, 2023


There are a lot of programming languages; therefore, we often get confused when choosing the most suitable one for our project. In this article, we will have a closer look at JavaScript.

JavaScript is a programming language that allows complex things to be applied to a web-page.

It allows you to:

  • Create dynamically updated content 
  • Manage multimedia 
  • Animate images 

That’s why we can say that it copes with all the main tasks in web-services. The scope of this language is really extensive and unlimited. It is used to develop web-services, mobile applications for Android and IOS, games. But make no mistake. JavaScript has both advantages and disadvantages.

Let Us Begin with the Benefits

Development speed is a major advantage

JavaScript development takes far less time compared to other programming languages. That means that JavaScript allows much more work to be done in the same time frame than any other language, saving your developers’ time and, consequently, your budget.

JavaScript is highly scalable. It is easy to integrate new components and functions into. Also, if you need to change the business logic, everything can be done in a short time.

Since JavaScript is one of the most popular and in-demand programming languages, it has a huge community. The language is quite easy to learn, so there are plenty of professionals in this field. You will have little problem finding the right person. But you need to be careful – it is important to find a really experienced company with competent specialists. This will save time and budget on implementation and further product development.

JavaScript is the most sought after programming language
JavaScript is the best programming language

Apart from all the above-mentioned, JavaScript is easy to maintain. It is developing rapidly but, despite this, all versions are compatible with each other. Any problem that occurs when working with JavaScript in 90% of cases has already been solved before. Large community – many resources. Accordingly, it significantly saves bug fixing time. As we know, saving time = saving budget.

There is no point in leaving out the disadvantages of JavaScript

There is No Point in Leaving Out the Disadvantages of JavaScript

Drawback is the lack of data typing
  • Which is the problem of all scripting languages. Until the code execution reaches the needed line, you will not know if it works. This slightly slows down the task performance speed and also affects reliability.
JS does not support complex math
  • It can handle basic sums and equations but is completely irrelevant in calculating the trajectory of a satellite (for such needs Python is often used.)
JS is deployed on the client’s side
  • It is possible to run false code, which can lead to virus device operation. However, if used correctly, JavaScript is a really safe programming language.
On the whole, all disadvantages of the JavaScript language are eliminable

On the whole, all disadvantages of the JavaScript language are eliminable. It can be safely used in large-scale projects.

JavaScript is ideal for developing an MVP version of a web-service, due to the fast implementation time and sane budgets. After the MVP has been developed, there are several further options – you can extend the service using JavaScript or, being ensured that the service is in demand, further develop it in more complex programming languages.