Inventory management

Inventory management - service that accurately shows current inventory levels, prevents order duplications and maintains an optimal stock level. Barcode scanning keeps all your inventory data in the system (including multiple locations) together with expiration dates for perishable goods. Improved asset tracking will help your hotel to save money and increase efficiency.

Inventory tracking functionality helps to keep track of item quantities and notifies of low stock levels according to your pre-defined criteria.

Multiple locations feature allows you to create various types of locations and sub-locations to keep your assets, equipment and products. Stay organized and be in full control of your items.

Expiration date tracking –  organize and categorize all perishable goods in stock to make sure nothing goes into waste. 

Location-based reordering – inventory quantities differ depending on the location. We can set up the auto reordering logic for each location. This feature can be customized according to your needs, such as seasonal and forecasted factors.

In such a way, your hotel will benefit from:

On-point synchronized inventory data.

Elimination of errors and cost cutting.

Guests enjoying high-quality products available.

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