HR adaptation

HR adaptation system streamlines staff onboarding and training processes.

Onboarding functionality can dramatically reduce time spent on data entry:

 New employees complete their onboarding process online.

The system captures new employee’s bank details, work history, qualifications, education and training information and adds them to the HR records automatically.

Staff training system is particularly important for a hotel, given a high employee turnover rate. It will help you educate new staff and make sure they follow the best industry practices and health and safety regulations. With the online training system, you can set up in-house training courses, keeping track of each trainee’s progress and view results and qualifications gained upon completion.

Organize an unlimited number of courses.

Determine a category, content, goals and objectives for each course.

Specify qualifications received by the employee after each training course.

Each new employee has their own profile in the E-learning system with the sets of tasks to complete.

Keep track of the results achieved by each attendee and assign qualifications and their expiry date, if applicable.

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