Fraud control management

More and more hotels are suffering from fraudulent activities these days, which negatively affect their brand image, guest loyalty and bottom-line profits. If you are not able to protect your guests from fraudsters, you will end up losing your customers, as they will blame the hotel management for any unpleasant on-site experiences. 

BandaPixels develops robust and reliable solutions that will secure your business and guests against fraud and help you to:

Reduce risk of post-stay chargebacks from guests.

Estimate transaction risks leveraging the guest data. The system will collect and analyze the information about the customers via their device intelligence, site navigation metrics and IP addresses and warn if any suspicious data is detected.

Do a more advanced risk assessment of the transaction with the help of machine-learning/big-data insights generated using historical data of your own brand and other accommodation providers.

Set up custom workflow algorithms for high-risk transactions that need additional verification;

Eliminate loyalty fraud by thorough screening of loyalty and payment transactions.

Easily differentiate typical and out-of-pattern customers’ behavior to minimize your risk score. 

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