Feedback management

The image of your hotel has a strong influence on the financial performance of your business. That’s why it’s essential for hoteliers to maintain a positive brand identity in both the offline and online world. 

Reputation management is an ongoing time-consuming routine of monitoring and influencing how your hotel is viewed online.

With a hotel reputation software, your staff can easily manage online reviews across industry websites and social media platforms. 

Reviews in one place

The tool collects all the feedback left on various platforms including Google, different distribution channels and social networking websites and enables viewing it in one place.

Real-time notifications

The system will provide real-time alerts when a new review or comment regarding your hotel has been left. You can set up notifications about either negative or positive types of reviews (or both).

Feedback management

The solution not only collects feedback but also allows hotel staff to deal with it. For example, it is possible to leave a response or offer discount codes to unhappy customers.

Competitors’ feedback comparison

The service can collect your competitors’ feedback and compare it to your own reviews.

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