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Real Estate Web Service

We have developed a B2B\B2C platform that
enables end-users to easily rent multiple items,
like a room or a flat, transportation, tools, etc.
Real estate web service
Real estate web service


Project Hours


Months of work

Tech stack

HTML5, SCSS, Angular 10, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, Typescript, Node JS, Google maps, AWS (S3)


Design Team


Backend/Frontend Development Team + Team Lead

About the project

What is Gästehaus?

We have developed a B2B\B2C platform that enables end-users to easily rent multiple items, like a room or a flat, transportation, tools, etc. It is a property renting web service for German speakers that resembles Airbnb app, but with extended functionalities. The platform has a flexible pricing scheme that consists of several membership plans. Renting and service fees vary depending on the user type (either business or individual). The platform has flexible interfaces where a user can see only the resources that they or their company have access to. Availability of resources is displayed automatically to the pre-defined rules.
Project geography - Germany

Main goal

of the project

Development of a complex B2B\B2C rental platform with an optimized "lead-to-deal" sales process enhanced by collaboration rooms and a chat.

The application allows the project owner to reduce the time spent on real estate processes, increase income by lowering staff costs, and eliminate paper bureaucracy.

Main goal
Challenges that we faced


that we faced

Simultaneous booking at the same time

... and the SolutionWebSocket, an inactive button: if several people are trying to book one unit at the same time, it will be allocated to the first person, while others will get an inactive button and will not be able to proceed.

Searching through maps. How to give users an opportunity to search on the map in the area they need

... and the SolutionWe have created "an interactive map" search function that allows the clients to narrow down the search result by defining an area of interest with a specific geometric shape (triangle, rectangle, etc.) on a map.
Searching throught maps
The challenge was how to make all communications in one place

The challenge was how to make all communications in one place

... and the SolutionOur team has developed an easy-to-use and feature-rich property listing portal that allows the company to list, do marketing, discuss available listings with customers, track deals, follow up with clients and communicate in one place.


The built-in tracking system allows clients and brokers to monitor thousands of filtered features, property availability, lease and sales in real-time
Filtering tool
Filtering tool

The filtering tool that enables clients to set multiple search criteria

Real-time accurate search results

An optimized lead-to-deal sales process

"Collaboration rooms" that make it possible for brokers to collect and store info about clients’ needs & demands in one place

Possibility for clients to view the listings, share sensitive info and chat in real time

Collaboration rooms
Collaboration rooms


Features that make this project unique

  • User profile function
  • Dashboard
  • Geolocation and interactive sorting with Google maps compatible with all Google projects
  • Search and filtering
  • Space booking
  • Appointment booking
  • Rental calculators
  • Cleaning service calculators (& management)
  • Billing
  • Bank payments
  • Providing access to the premises made automated for realtors
Features that make
Features that make


We have created an intuitive user interface
for an interactive web application following the latest trends in web development. Being used by agents, brokers, home sellers and home buyers, the real estate web platform boasts flawless performance.
... and what
do the Testimonials say?

Optional Features

Real estate in operation

  • Rent - service for landlord/tenants for management of payments, scheduling service of premises and availability of rental spaces
  • E-commerce - online platform for selling products and services
  • Analytics - data tracking, management and processing
  • Management - rental spaces management
  • IOT - online booking and premisses access with NFC readers
  • Mortgage calculator
  • Security - surveillance, concierge, guard
  • Booking - online booking for viewing
  • Video streaming - a continuous transmission of video files from a server to a client
  • Property listing marketing and advertising
  • Advanced data search and geo-mapping
Real estate in operation
Real estate in operation

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